Metroid Prime

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In the looming release of a new Metroid game, jigglygirls wants to celebrate today by bringing you a gallery update with the blonde beauty dressed in blue latex Samus Aran. In this update, your favorite hero mercenary Samus goes on another planet that seems to be overrun by metroids. She takes the job since she’s the only one that knows how to deal with them.

After she lands the door of the ship slowly opens and Samus makes her way out to see that the reports were true. All the little monsters were all roaming around in swarms. Well she came here to do a job and she aims to complete it. So in this jiggly girls hentai scene, she starts to take off that heavy copper colored armor of hers to reveal her amazingly sexy body. And she also starts to undress from her latex suit. The metroids sense this and start coming to her. You see this is her way to deal with them, let them have their way with her pussy. Check out John Persons blog for other great great taboo drawings galleries!

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