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Jiggly Girls – Dragon Ball Z

For this brand new jiggly girls gallery we have for you a special treat. Many amongst you surely know about the cartoon Dragon Ball. Well if you know about that you surely know that there’s one blue haired beauty that’s getting allot of attention from fans every time she makes an appearance in draw art porn scenes. You guessed it, it’s none other than the sexy blue haired bombshell Bulma. Today she decided to gather the 8 balls once again to get access to another wish from the eternal dragon. And let’s just say that she needs to do something a little extra for one today. Her radar pointed her to a guy living in a secluded place that was just waiting for some jiggly girls to drop by.

Bulma went on to search high and low for the item but little did she know that it was in the possession of the said guy. He eventually reveals the fact that he has what she’s searching for, but he’s not willing to part with it without something in return. He does tell her that what he wants in return is her sweet and tight pussy, and at first Bulma is really reluctant. But she does really want that dragon ball so she eventually agrees. Watch her at the jigglygirls.com site as she gets to suck on the man’s cock, and then see her fucked hard style by the guy’s big cock. In the end she enjoyed herself too quite a lot. And she also got what she wanted. Double benefit for her. Enjoy!


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