Jiggly Babe Fucked

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Well here we are once more with a new show for you to see and we know that this one will truly be to your liking as well. We bring you one busty and sexy female Japanese ninja as she gets to show off her skills in action. Now at first you may be thinking that she’s here to assassinate the guy. Well her Kunoichi clan does do that too, but they are also known to drop down on unsuspecting guys and give their cocks a nice ride as well. And this encounter is of the second variety as the beauty was in need to have her sweet pussy penetrated nice and hard today as well. Anyway, let’s get to see her at play today without any more delays!

The scene starts with her dropping herself straight on top of the guy. Naturally he was very confused about the whole thing and he didn’t know if she was here to end him or else. He sure was happy to find out that the babe took off her panties and whipped out his cock as this meant good news for him. So take your time to see the guy submitting to her desire and taking their little tackle of sorts to the floor. You get to watch the busty and sexy beauty with long purple hair as she rides that cock hard style. Rest assured that she sure gave the guy a run for his money and he’s probably going to be walking funny after it all too. Enjoy it!

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